Four Leaf Clover Pub

The Four Leaf Clover is the local Irish Pub as well as the favourite hangout of the local gay community, it is owned and operated by Ronan O´Leary, a man who has lived in the city since his college days and who took it over from the previous owner.

The pub is a long rectangle with the bar on one side and a number of cublicles on the other, on the far side from the entrance there is a small dance floor. The decoration is mostly that of a traditional irish pub, although the photos on the wall of fame are a clear indication of the usual crowd.

The Tab includes all kinds of tradional irish beers and whiskeys as well as a number of more fancy items like cocktails and surprising selction of fine wines.

The Pub doubles as the headquarters of the Flying Eagles fan club “The Flying Rainbows”, a fact that Ronan sees with somewhat mixed emotions as he is more of a football guy himself.

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Four Leaf Clover Pub

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