Newman, Robert 'Bobby'

Sports teacher


Best friend of Craig Carmichael
Friend of Benjamin Conrad


Bobby lives the nightmare of every college football star! He injured his knee at the age of 19 during a game. The injury was so severe that he had to stop playing football or risk loosing all mobility in that knee.

He dabbled through several jobs and is now teaching sports at a Kalispell high school. He is not even the coach of the football team, he is just a sports teacher.

BUT if he didn’t had his accident he would never have met his wife Jacqueline. She was a trainee nurse in the hospital in Helena, where he was treated after his injury. The two became very close and Bobby kept visiting her after his recovery. When he got the job as a sports teacher at the age of 25 he asked her to marry her and she said yes.

He now has a beautyful wife he loves very much, two gorgeous twin-daughters he adores and a job that he likes. For him his life is not a nightmare but perfect. He sometimes becomes a bit nostalgic and asks himself what woud have been when he didn’t injured his knee (woud he be a famous football star?) but than looks in the smiling faces of his daughters Kateline and Michelle and he knows that he is exactly there, where he is supposed to be.

Bobby is Craig Carmichaels best friend. The two went together to elementary school and later to high school. They joined the boyscouts together and were called “The Winning Team” when playing for the high school and college football team. He was the first Craig told when he discovered at the age of 15 that he “might be gay”. After that Bobby stayed away form Craig… for about two weeks discovering that there was very little fun without Craig and realizing that he realy didn’t care about him being gay.

When he married Bobby wanted to be Craig his best man but Craig was on his second tour in Iraq and couldn’t come. But he became godfather of one of Bobby’s little girls, Kateline (although he just stayed long enough in town to attend the baptism).

Bobby hasn’t seen much of Craig since he returned, due to Craigs work schedule and his… family responsibilities.

Newman, Robert 'Bobby'

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