Mercer, Joanie `Camilla´

Student, Dawn´s Roommate


Joanie was always a happy-go-lucky type of girl, a bit rebellious, a bit goth, a bit of this and a bit of that, but mostly she was about fun. Growing up on farm in eastern Montana there wasn´t really much opportunity for her to express herself in the way she wanted, and she was anxious to finally get out of there and into the great world beyond.

And while most people wouldn´t exactly call Kalispell the Big City, for Joanie, or Camilla, as she called herself now, it was big enough, truth be told, any bigger and it would habe been a little scary, too much too soon.

She got a pleasant surprise when she met her new roommate, a girl much like herself, albeit moving in the opposite direction, from the Big Seattle to little Kalispell.

The two hit it off immediately and Camilla even grew to like Dawns young friend Dove, who had similar interests and whom Dawn had met through her brother. And while it seemed strange to Camilla at first that Dawn had struck up a friendship with the hulking football player who supplied her with her recreational items, she had to admit that guy wasn´t all bad.

When she met David, or as he called himself “Gomez”, she truly felt as if all the puzzle pieces of her life where finally falling into place.
Sadly, it was not to be. Only a few weeks later David was found dead in his appartement, apparently having overdosed on some new drug.

This severely clouded her otherwise sunny disposition, and after searching his appartement with Dawn and finding strange photos, she became determined to find out what truly happened to him.

Mercer, Joanie `Camilla´

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