Conrad, Jackson Avery

Mayor of Kalispell


Mayor Conrad is the most powerful man in Kalispell, everybody knows that. His Family has reigned in the town ever since its founding, and everybody who walks by Conrad Mansion can see the history the Conrads have in this town.

Beeing a skilled poloticiam and a member of the towns founding family has made sure that he has never had any serious rivals for his position.

Unfortunately for him, Jackson knows better.

He knows the true history of the town, the pact it´s founders made to continue to run it together, each taking a different role in guiding the mortals around them.

And while his family is the one that was choosen to govern, only those who inherit the power of the Forsaken can ever truly rule. He has resigned himself long ago to the fact that this was not to be for him.

Conrad, Jackson Avery

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