Heaton, Colleen

One of the boys... then!


Colleen is one of Craig Carmichaels best friends… at least thats how he sees her. She met him in high school where he just joined the football team and she was part of the schools cheerleader team.

She was the youngest daughter of a farmer in Kalispell, had four brothers and her mother died when she was four. So growing up with four boys made of her more of a tomboy than a girl. But that changed in summer camp before junior high school. She went as one of the boys but what her brothers became back was a girl. Ok, she could easily wrestle all of them down but their teasing did not change how she dressed (in skirts and dresses!!!) and put on make-up now.

She made the cheerleader team at first try. She was popular but somehow strange with her teammates for she liked more to party with the football team than her own. Some of guys mistook her behavior as flirting and many made a pass at her (her score was Sex: 0, Broken Noses, Bruised Eyes and Rips: 5).

When she met Craig it was love at first sight… at least for her. In his eyes she was just a good friend (although both went together to prom night). She never found the courage to tell him how she felt. And than Craig left for the Army…

Since than she made a living for herself. She opend a shop for men’s wear that became very exclusive (many male Conrads buy their clothing at ’Haeton’s’) and candidated two times for city council.

When Craig came back home she was very excited! But than it spread like fire that he was gay and her world shattered…

Heaton, Colleen

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