Carmichael, Hannah

Matriarch of the Carmichael Family


Hannah Carmichael has not lead the most charmed of lives
Her younger son and his wife died in quick succession, leaving her to raise their two children, Craig and Callista.
Her older son Bill helped as much as he could, but his wife died shortly after and he had to care for his daughter Mel as well as do his job as the town sheriff.
This meant that more often then not she had to care for all three of her grandchildren.

Nowadays though life has changed for the better.
Her grandson has returned home from the army save and sound, and all 3 of her grandchildren are grown and have good jobs.
All that remains is for them to get married, after all Hannah wants to see those great grandchildren, and this time someone else is gonna raise them and she will finally get to play Granny.

Carmichael, Hannah

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