Conrad, Benjamin 'Benny'

IT nerd at the Bank of Kalispell


Friend of Robert Newman
Freind of Craig Carmichael


Nerd, geek, freak! These where the names Benny was called his entire time in junior high school. Even bearing the name of Kalispells most porminent family didn’t save him from harassement. He wasn’t bullied quiet so obvious than the other nerds at school but that only made him a target for them too.

That changed drastically when he became a freshman in senior high school. He was giving private lessons in mathematics and physics at that time. At the end of the term the “The Winning Team” of his schools football team, Craig Carmichael and Bobby Newman, stood at his doorsteps. Both where failing in mathematics and he was the one who should help them.

At first he was very reluctand, for they both had diped him into the toilette more than once, he agreed to coach them and both passed the final term tests. He assumed that at the start of the new term all would be back to normal and the first act of both of them would be to dip him in the toilet again. But he was in for a surprise.

Ok, when they first saw him on the first moring in school they draged him into the toilette but not to dip him. They tore of his hight-necked square shirt and forced him into a “cool T-shirt” and did some other “improvements” with his appearance.

They took care of him over the year, invited him to parties, made him somehow popular and became a good friend of them. Bennys reaction to Craigs coming out was like “and what’s new?” (a fact that made Craig quite unease). When Bobby married and Craig was prevented from being there Benny became Bobbys best man. He is also the godfather of Bobbys second daughter, Michelle.

Today he works at the bank of Kalispell as an IT specialist. He lives together with his girlfirend Julie and he is going to propse to her soon…

(GM NOTE: Change Last Name, Conrad Family members subject to GM approval for campaign reasons)

Conrad, Benjamin 'Benny'

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