Morrison, Coach Pat

Long Time Coach of the Kalispell Golden Eagles


Coach Morrison is a true fixture of University Life in Kalispell, having coached the team for many years. An alumni of Flathead Valley College himself he returned to the team as Assistant coach after an injury cut his own professional career short. He has remained with the team ever since, rising to the postirtion of head coach 15 years ago.

Pat wants his players to succeed, not only on the field but also academicly, he still vividly remembers how he felt when he was injured and saw his dreams of fame and fortune lost. He wants his players to have a fallback plan, and so he sometimes is especially hard on those of his studends who are extraordinarily gifted and use that as an excuse to slack of in their coursework.

Lately he has begun to realize that after all the years he has been with the team his tactics have become a bit predictable, he is looking for a new assistant to help him out.

Morrison, Coach Pat

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