Carmichael, Callista

Junior reporter


Callista has just begun her first job as a an intern at the local newspaper after finishing her journalism degree in the spring.

She is enthusiastcly looking for anything that might give her a chance at writing her own little piece, and she feels as if the right story is right around the corner.

She still lives with her grandmother, just as she has done as far back as she can remember, as her dad died before she was born and her mother soon after.

The closest thing she ever had to a father is her uncle Bill, and he still fulfilles that role in her mind.

The best thing about life right now is that her big brother has returned to the family fold after a stint in the army.

As he now works with her uncle and cousin she gets to see all of them much more often.

If only she met the right guy, life would be perfect.

Carmichael, Callista

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