Werewolf: Small Town Blues

Chapter 2, Prologue: The Great Game

Those Dresses are the Rage

With the threat of the murder spirit over it was time to relax for our young werewolves, time to refocus on their mortal lives.
And although the mystery of Camile´s dead boyfriend stilll loomed, for the time beeing all was well.

Craig finally got a chance to visit the local Irish Pub and meet his old crush, and in the process learned a few things about the local sports fans.

Tiny was back to football practice as the first game of the season was on the horizon and the coach was anxious to get his team back up to snuff.

Meanwhile Clarissa´s temper didn´t exactly improve due to the pressure the cheerleading squad was under. After all the team had a title to defend.

Dawn tried to lift Camille´s spirits by dragging her to makeover session, only to discover that Granny had planned one for her as well. Having both her granddaughters available for the festivities surrounding the start of the season gave her the opportunity to truly show them off to the town, and she gleefully took it.

In the evening Jeff recruited Dawn in his quest to look for his sister who was nowhere to be found and not answering her phone. In the end they found her in the rafters of the high scholl stadium with her new boyfriend, an interruption that did not sit well with her and led to an argument between her and her brother.

The next day at the Opening Game of the High School football team Jeff discovered that it had also led his sister to transform herselfg quite suddenly into a lookalike of the High School popular girls.

The day before the big match Granny had scheduled another lesson for her granddaughters and after beeing rather uncomfortable in the beginning it gave both girls a chance to relax.

The Day of the Great Game came and both the game, which the Golden Eagles won handily, as well as the competition between the Cheerleaders, which was a bit more even. went off without a problem, even if Craig only really believed that when Clarissa was finally off the pitch.

The real problem though came at the end of the night wenn a drunken football player got a bit too frisky with Clarissa, thankfully she kept her temper in check and the boy doesn´t seem to remember anything out of the ordinary.



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