Werewolf: Small Town Blues

Chapter 2 Interlude

A plan is what you use if you have no sense of Adventure

In the days following the great game out young wolves began to make plans to finally make the trip to Helena and find out what exactly had happened to Camilla┬┤s boyfriend David. The main problem they thought they faced was just how to explain to Camilla why Craig would be accompanying them. After all, even Jeffs participation had been a hard sell at first.

What none of them had even really thought about was how their elders would react to their plans, and just how much more complicated travel had become because of the territorial nature of the Uratha. And while the elders were not exactly happy at the prospect of the trip, especially as Clarissa, the groups designated diplomat, would not be able to accompany them as she was scheduled for counseling after the events at the party, and skipping those sessions would jeopardize the perception of her human self.

After a lesson from Bill about the possible dangers of the route and the situation awaiting them in Helena they continued their preparations in a somewhat more somber mood.



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